The Thrill Of Swimming With Manta Rays

Swimming with manta rays is a lot of fun. Manta rays are very large sized fishes. They have flat and elongated bodies. They have two antennas and a long tail. The tail floats behind the body in the water. You can easily swim near a manta ray. There are over thirty different species of manta rays.

It is estimated that there are about forty to fifty different species of manta rays in the world. These species are further subdivided into fifty to sixty different subspecies. Scientists often debate about the classification and division of the different species of manta rays. Muddy waters near tropical shores often have manta rays in them. A manta ray in Coral Bay has a very graceful motion as it swims. This allows it to swim without any effort. It appears as if it swims without much exertion on its part.

Swimming in shallow waters:

A manta ray looks very elegant while it swims. This is because of the streamlined shape of the body of the manta ray. The body of a manta ray is very streamlined. This allows it to swim at a very rapid pace. This makes them excellent at swimming away from predators. They are adept at swimming in shallow and deep waters alike. This has contributed to their widespread distribution in the oceans of the world. They can be found everywhere from the Arctic to Pacific Ocean. They are especially numerous in the waters to the east of Australia. They like the temperature of the sea to east of Australia. Schools of manta ray can be seen on days when the water is clear. Clear water allows greater visibility in most cases.

Swimming close to rays:

There are many different species of rays. Manta rays are some of the largest groups of rays. A large manta ray can easily cover three to four swimmers under its wingspan. Most manta rays swim at a slow leisurely pace through the ocean. They swim near the surface in coastal areas where prey is plentiful. You can often find many manta rays swimming near the sea floor while taking a swim. They like to congregate in groups of ten to fifteen animals. Sometimes, they congregate in groups of thirty to forty animals but these formations are very rare. They are more commonly found in groups of nine to eleven animals.

A group of manta rays is called a school. School is the collective noun used to refer to a group of manta rays. You should swim near a surface if you want to come in contact with a school of manta rays. Manta rays are social fish and are found hanging out in groups. You can observe a group of manta rays from a distance

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